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About The Company

Gemamega Gemilang Inc. Our goal is to be the pioneer of innovation in Car Audio Entertainment & Multimedia in Indonesia.

Gemamega Gemilang Inc. gives the best quality of products and services for all our customers.

PGemamega Gemilang Inc. was established in 1989. In the beginning, we started as car audio and accessories shop, then since 1996 we have been focusing on Car Audio Entertainment & Multimedia and following the lifestyles and trend of car audio video technologies.

Gemamega Gemilang Inc. continuously improve and explore the technical skills in Car Audio technologies by studying it independently as well as joining professional seminars and training domestically or overseas. We also took part in Gaikindo Exhibition, International Indonesia Motor Show and several car audio contests which are held by Car Audio and Automotives Association in Indonesia.

Gemamega Gemilang Inc. is highly experienced and respected in Car Audio Entertainment Car Multi Media and Car Accessories business.

Gemamega Gemilang Inc. is currently supplying the automotives market, especially Car Audio Entertainment & Electronic, GPS Navigation System, Car Custom Necessary with many varieties of products such as:

  • Car TV In dash DVD Player 1 Din / 2 Din
  • Car TV Roof Mount , Headrest & Sun visor TV Monitor, DVD / CD Changer
  • Night Vision Rear View Camera with Magic Mirror
  • GPS Navigation System: 2 din GPS in dash TV player, GPS Stand Alone, PND Navigation System.
  • Bluetooth Car Kit, Custom Ipod ready, DTS Car Theater, etc.
  • Scosche Installation Kit, Wiring Harnesses, OE Intergration, Ipod Interfaces,etc.

Gemamega Gemilang Inc. is also improving the newest products to support the growth of automotives industry in the world, specifically in Indonesia.

These products are; DAUF GPS Navigation System &” Scosche” The Necessary Accessories for Gemamega Gemilang inc. to be the trusted business partner and sole distributor for Indonesia which are based in South Korea, Singapore (DAUF) and USA (Schosche).

WE also realize the importance of human resources needed to give precise, fast and accurate installations to our customers, especially automotives dealer from big companies such as Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Nissan, Ford, etc.

We will keep on motivating our employees to improve their standard quality service and do our best to produce the best products essential in the automotives industry especially in Indonesia.

Gemamega Gemilang Inc. hopes to be more successful in the future together with all our customers